We provide deratization, disinsection, and disinfection services to legal and physical persons
  • works are organized, managed, and supervised by an expert with higher education in natural sciences,
  • works are performed by disinfectors who have acquired accordant educational program and have received a certificate of disinfector,
  • our commercial activity is registered in the Health Inspectorate, information www.vi.gov.lv

- control and extermination of rats and mice with biocides and environmentally friendly, ecological agents in objects of various profiles, private sector, and territories.


- extermination and control of cockroaches, fleas, bugs, ants, moths, wasps and other insects using biocides and environmentally friendly, ecological agents and methods.


- prevention and extermination of various carriers of contagious diseases (bacteria, viruses etc.) in external environment. We perform disinfection of rooms, surfaces, equipment, vehicles, freezers, and cold stores. We can perform disinfection of freezers and cold stores without unfreezing them because we have disinfectants envisaged specially for the purposes in our disposal.

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SIA "PestCon"
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